Sunday, April 29, 2012

just for funsies.

Just before my trip to Virginia, my sister and I had the pleasure of a little fousin rendezvous as Elisa made a quick trip up to the DFW area on her week back in Texas. As she was one who introduced us to the glorious goodness that is Cavalli pizza (to which I will always owe her a great debt of gratitude), that was her restaurant of choice and we were all too happy to oblige.

We feasted on salad, pizza and a nutella calzone...yes, you read that right.  Pizza dough and nutella come together in a match made in heaven.  Of course, no fousin time is ever complete without a superfluous amount of picture-taking, because really, every single moment must be properly documented.

And then, things got a little cray-cray.  I'm pretty sure the next two pics are some of my all-time favorites.  Props to Michelle for capturing these freestyle moments on the patio of Cavallis while the staff and owner looked on with what I can only imagine was delight and awe at our talents.

And that's all I got. This post was just for funsies -- so I could document our night on my blog.

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elisa said...

love it. just love it.