Thursday, October 6, 2011

happy birthday.

happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you!

I cannot believe my little pearl has lived 5 years on this earth already. I can hardly find the words with which to properly express how much you mean to me, my precious Haylee. From the moment you were born, I fell in love with you. I was so thrilled to be an aunt and couldn't wait for everything we would get to do together...bake cookies, paint our nails, laugh out loud, play Candyland, read books, go to movies, make crazy faces, and most importantly, dance and sing like crazy.

I will never forget the week we spent together when your parents were in Mexico. You probably won't remember our time, but I will forever treasure it in my heart. I loved waking up with you and snuggling while we watched cartoons. I loved taking you to the park and watching you marvel at the flowers, the ducks and pretty much everything else.

As you grow up, I know you will start to become more independent and you probably won't run to me, screaming my name and practically knocking me down with your embrace. So I try to cherish every single hug, every single kiss, every single time you climb in my lap, every time you want to help me in the kitchen, every single time you ask me to dance with you...I will cherish it all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRINCESS!!! You are a gift from God, a daughter of Christ and you are loved infinitely more than you can imagine.

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