Friday, June 17, 2011

Meredith's 2nd Birthday Fiesta

It's been almost a month since we celebrated our little Mere-bear's 2nd birthday, but I wanted to make sure it received proper documentation. Since she not only loves, but closely resembles the back-pack wearing, Spanish-speaking Dora, it was highly appropriate for her to have a Dora-themed birthday party. It was quite the fiesta with all the standards: guacamole, seven-layer dip, chips, black bean & corn dip, salsa and our favorite punch.

Despite the balmy (i.e. crazy hot) temperatures, we spent a lot of time outside with the highlight being the pinata. Some of the "big kids" got in on the action and I can honestly say that a weekly pinata whack might be very therapeutic.

The cake was pretty much a carbon-copy of Haylee's 3rd birthday cake and Meredith loved it so much, she had to get a sneak peak and dove in a little early (notice the icing around her name).

The rest of the day was spent opening presents, grazing on all the yummy snacks and watching Veggie Tales. I can't believe it's already been two years since our little Senorita was born. I still marvel at the fact that I have a dark-hair, dark-eyed niece, but she's perfect in every way and I absolutely love the stark difference. She is a wild one, loves to dance and can be tough to wrangle, but it makes the times she wants to get in your lap and snuggle that much sweeter.

I look forward to this next year in your life, Meredith Hope, and pray for Jesus to be near to you every day.

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