Friday, July 18, 2008

Grateful - Friday edition

Today I am exceedingly grateful for my job. I'm a manager at a bakery, and I couldn't be happier. It's a fun environment, low-stress, and I love the girls I work with! I spend my days icing cupcakes, stocking the pastry case, helping customers, working parties in the community room and overall, just helping people satisfy their sweet tooth.

I'm fully aware that I did not attend NYU to work in a bakery, but I have finally realized that the only person I need to please (in terms of my career), is myself. It has been a 4-year process, but I can finally say that I've come to peace with my place in life.

So here's to you and finding a job that you can honestly say you like! I truly hope each one of you finds it...

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Peter and Anne said...

Amen sister! So basically the whole world is sweeter b/c of you eh? (that's right, i said 'eh')

Where is this bakery at you are managing? Remember that one time you, justin and myself (possibly Kori also) went to your old cake place at like 2:00am on the way home from a night on the town and we sampled every cake there was in the place? That was awesome.

Speaking of, we can give your our address and you are more than welcome to send us some of the local favorites! Anne's sweet tooth has started to set in lately!