Wednesday, July 3, 2013

playing catch-up.

Well, there's nothing like two broken wrists to really get me behind on the 'ole blogging front. Suffice it to say, certain things had to take a backseat to recovery and this has definitely been one of them. But let's be honest, it's not like I have more than three readers or that I adhere to regularly scheduled posts. Disirregardless (to use one of my favorite non-words...that's for you, dad), I'll pretend like all my faithful readers are dying to catch up (via pictures, of course) on my life and will proceed to do just that, in a most expedient fashion, of course.

First up, there was a quick little February trip to one of my former haunts, the big apple. It was freezing, but tolerable, and I got to see a dear friend which is always a bonus (and we ate pizza - double bonus). Fun fact is that I rented a car and drove in (and quickly out of) the city--true story! It was touch and go, but I did it and lived to tell about it. Don't worry that it was also lightly snowing as well. Gosh, I am amazing - ha.

Next up, the pop's birthday. We kept it pretty low-key this year. I had the fam over, made dinner, and of course, had birthday cake because hey, what's a birthday without a cake? Not any birthday I want to be a part of, that's for sure. Happy birthday to my favorite dad!

Rolling right along with the agenda was a special date with my two best girls: Miss Haylee and Miss Meredith. They are the apple of my eye, the cheese to my macaroni, the coffee to my donut, the peanut butter to my jelly...this could go on forever. Anywho, they are the best and I love the stuffin' out of these two muffin cakes. We kicked it with some hot chocolate (coffee for me) and cinnamon rolls and then hit up the fountain/pond for some chillaxin'.
 was St. Patty's. No real explanation needed. There were 4-leaf clover glasses, green beads, trips to Whole Foods, and a cheesy team party at work. Basically, it's an excuse to wear green and have a good time -- mission accomplished.

After St. Patty's day weekend, Lauri Ann & Jon Howard got hitched. That's right, they both have two first names...just sayin'. The wedding was lovely and Christ-focused. I was filled with joy to be a witness to their union under Christ. It was beautiful and I couldn't be happier for the two lovebirds.

Rounding out this rapid-fire update is my trip to D.C. to celebrate THE resurrection Sunday (Easter weekend, to be precise). I stayed with my dear fousin, China, and we had such a perfectly wonderful weekend. We visited the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Smithsonian, Museum of Natural History (saw the Hope Diamond!), Botanical Gardens, and I'm not sure what else. We also hosted an Easter dinner at her house and got to visit Lianna and her two little munchkins. It was such a great weekend and I am eternally blessed to have family in my life who also happen to be my best friends. God is good.

Whew...there you have it. My super speedy update is least up until "the incident." I'll do a little post with the freaky pics of my x-rays, so get excited about that!

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elisa said...

Thanks for the recap, Fuzzy! I truly enjoy your photos and life captured on this blog. I feel a wee bit more connected to you so keep on bloggin like nobody's reading! Heck, whenever I decide to randomly blog that's the way to do it. I love you to bits and pray for you always. Miss you like whooaoaaaaa!