Monday, April 22, 2013

the heavens declare His glory.

Because today's "verse of the day" happened to be the following...

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. 
Romans 1:20

...I couldn't help but see this as the perfect excuse to post some random pics of God's eternal power and divine nature revealed through what has been made (i.e. His creation). Just because it's Monday and I feel like it, here are some of my fave sky and nature shots. Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

amazing sunset on my little neighborhood street just screaming of God's glory

magnolia trees in DC

coast of Capri - picture fails to do it justice

Botanical Gardens in our Capitol city

can you spot Nemo and Dori?

hello flower. it seems you, too, are whispering God's glory.

nothing like a sky filled with cumulous (sp.?) clouds to remind me there is a God in heaven

this one needs NO explanation. holy awesomeness. and to think, this was in a little 'ole strip mall in the suburbs. yes, God can even be found in the cookie cutter world of suburbia.

the beach in Positano. i adore the sunlight sparkling on the water like diamonds. God's glory cannot be denied.

holy cherry blossom awesome-ness

i believe our captain called this lover's arch (or something like that). this little gem can be found on the amalfi coast.

these massive display of bright flowers needs no explanation - love this.

view of Capri from high in the hills.

God surprised me with this gift of a glorious sunrise on the streets of Florence in the wee small hours of the morning.

view of Florence surrounded by the Tuscan Hills. who are we that the Lord would create something so beautiful for us to enjoy?

the Tuscan countryside in Chianti region.

visions of fall in DC. (hello, China!)

panoramic view of the Potomac in our first president's backyard. not too shabby.

my infatuation with the sky continues.

...and continues some more.

picturesque sunset outside a vineyard in Virginia. (pic courtesy of E snagging my iPhone)


elisa said...

Glorious doesn't begin to describe it. All of these amazing things in one post were really almost too much for me. Gave me the ache in the heart for Heaven. Thank you thank you for sharing! Wonderful photos of God's Wonderfulness. Love you, fuzz

RL said...

amen! and the pleasure was all mine, i assure you. i did, however, neglect to include any pics of our glorious easter walk circa 2012. i must edit to add some of those gems!