Wednesday, March 14, 2012

happy 60th birthday.

Sixty years ago, on this very day, Charles Michael Lawrence breathed his first breath of fresh air. He was born a son and brother, became a husband, then a dad and for the past five years, he has added the title of Paw-Paw.

While I fully intend to properly document this most momentous occasion with a detailed post, I simply could not let the day go by without wishing my dearest dad a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wouldn't trade you for any dad in the world and I am grateful to have been your daughter for almost half the years of your life. I pray this year would be rich with the presence of Christ and that in Him, you would experience the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11).

Cheers to 60 - may it only get better!


elisa said...

happy birthday, uncle Charlie!!! I hope it was and continues to be the best! Jesus bless you with many more happy days to celebrate life and His Eternal Love for you. Love you! Love the Pics, Rachie! Miss y'all!!

Bryan said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet post Rachie! I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating!

Meggers1021 said...

Woops, Bryan did it again:)