Sunday, February 26, 2012

the weekend's top 8.

This past weekend, I (along with 5 members of my community group), had the distinct pleasure of taking a brief respite from our normal schedules to have a little R&R in Sarah's hometown. We took the short drive up north to OK on Saturday morning and were pampered from start to finish by her most gracious mother. Our jam-packed time included trips to the antique store and the cloverleaf, a may-juh kitchen dance party (cupid shuffle? check!), numerous rousing rounds of catch phrase, a gourmet pizza party and most importantly, some sweet time with each other where we were able to share what we were reading and share the love of Christ, communing over His body.

Rather than break it down for you in my normal, long-winded fashion, I thought I would share my top 8 list for our time in OK.

8. recreate green acres through an impromptu photo shoot (you can't tell me this doesn't bring that famous image to mind).

7. channel our inner fashionista and surreptitiously take numerous "non-permitted" photos in the antique store, modeling our sweet finds.

6. take a journey through a twilight zone episode via the "cloverleaf" vintage store (or amusement park if you were judging by the random paraphenalia strewn about the exterior grounds)

5. simulate a group bike ride complete with pink schwinns and a pink greek adonis whom we quickly befriended (and by we, I mean Lauri Ann).

4. spend a pensive moment with Paco, contemplating life's mysteries.

3. jam out in the backseat with two of my favorite blondes (and fellow lovers of car dancing)

2. toast life with a re-frescing can of Fresca (ahhh...takes my back to the lake days...I digress).

1. cap off the day of rich community, communing together over a delicious plate of custom pizza - prepared using a veritable smorgasbourg of sumptuous ingredients

Our time was both lovely and beautiful. The presence of God and the knowledge of His love continues to knit our hearts together. I praise the one who has given each of us the gift of open eyes and a receptive heart that make us ready and willing to receive His great sacrifice, His body and blood. No matter where we come from or who we are, we are united through Christ.

“By this the love of God was manifested in us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world so that we might live through Him.” 1 John 4:9

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elisa said...

CHEECH! I loved your countdown! All of the photos were so great. I think my fave was you and paco ruminating juntos (together in paco's tongue) over life's mysteries. The pizzas look phenom (no surprise there). And the frescas-well, before I read your lake comment, my heart went right back to lake LBJ and our sweet summer days there. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up! It made me even more excited about your visit!!!