Friday, September 16, 2011

his promise.

I think all too often, I'm fixated on the "difficulties" of this life...the disappointments, the hurts, the pain, the rejection. I find myself desperately grasping for some control, some way to ease the suffering, not just for myself, but those around me. My heart cries out, God, you said you have a plan. You said you wouldn't forsake your people. Have you not heard my prayer? Do you not see me on my knees asking you for grace, for healing, for long must I wait on you, Oh Lord? Are your promises not true?

And then He bids me to know Him, to know His character as it is described and referenced in scripture. A look at Isaiah reminds me that His promise is not that we might be free from the pain, worry, trouble, discouragement, sickness and destruction of this world, nor the fact that any of these taking place in our lives indicate He is not near or that He is not good. Rather, His promise is that His unfailing love for us will not be shaken. His steadfast love will never cease. It is hard for us to grasp because there is nothing on this earth that is like it.

It is in these moments that He begs us to throw up our hands and surrender and trust that, no matter what, He is our portion. He promises that those who seek Him with all their heart will find Him.

I was reminded of this last night as I drove home. I found my gaze fixated on the most beautiful sky. It wasn't anything terribly special, but I sought to see His hand in that and I found Him. I was amazed as I reflected on the creator of such a glorious creation. One of the psalmists writes that the heavens declare His mighty works. I would say it a little bit differently: creation SCREAMS of God's existence and His infinite and incomprehensible glory. It was upon looking at that sky that I was reminded of His love. To make a comparison, in the same way that I delight in seeing others enjoy something I have made, be it a gift, a delicious treat, a meal, etc. I imagine it the very same way for God. He delights in seeing His children take pleasure in the things He has created.

So I took the time to delight in the sky that He gave me last night and was reminded that He is there and that He cares for me infinitely more than I could every comprehend.

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Christina Grace said...

amen to that, fuzz! love you