Monday, May 2, 2011

eggstravaganza 2011

Since Easter was so late this year, there was plenty of time leading up to Resurrection Sunday in which to dye eggs, make Easter cutout sugar cookies and reflect on the passion of Christ.

First up, there was the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Throwdown: Battle of the Sexes. It was guys vs. girls and the competition was intense. We worked fast and furiously on decorating some 30+ eggs. The guys definitely won points for creativity, but in the end, the girls took home the prize and after looking at the pics, I think you'll see why.

And just in case I didn't get my fill of egg decorating, the very next day was spent with my favorite four-year-old. Miss Haylee Grace and I decorated our own Easter eggs (complete with tons of princess stickers because nothing says Christ's death and resurrection like a Cinderella sticker). They weren't exactly on par with the previous night's creations, but we had fun together. After our adventures in coloring eggs, we made a few Easter cookie cutouts. As usual, Haylee's cookies were more of a vehicle through which she could consume about 1/2 cup of sprinkles per cookie, but can you blame her?

Up next, I'll recap a wedding fit for hair care royalty (literally) and our celebration of Resurrection Sunday!

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