Friday, August 8, 2008

5 songs I'm embarassed to admit I like...

I got tagged by Brooke to publish this post. Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others that you like and tell why.
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So...let the mortification commence.

#1. "I'm Leavin'" sung by Jesse McCartney - I'm particularly embarassed when I sing the incredibly articulate refrain (if you could even call it that) which consists of "no stress, no stress, no stress, girl you deserve nothin' but the best, no stress, no stress, no stress...yeah, that's a lot of stressing!

#2. "You Oughtta Know" sung by the intensely bitter Alanis Morisette - I don't know why, but anytime this song comes on, you can bet I'll be singing along at the top of my lungs like the scorned lover that I am clearly NOT...ha ha.

#3. "Fergilicious" sung by Fergie Ferg - I honestly can't believe someone actually had the audacity to label themselves as such, but I can't help myself from belting out the empowering lyrics..."My body's stayin' vicious. I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness. He's my witness." Yeah, those are some powerfully insightful and truly riveting lyrics! I hope you catch my subtle sarcastic undertone.

#4. "Tainted Love"...gosh, who sings that? It is by far one of my favorite songs to warm up to when taking dance classes. I get so into it, and yeah, it's pretty embarassing.

#5. "Way Back Into Love" sung by Hugh Grant and the pop singer in the movie Music & Lyrics. Yes, if Hugh Grant is singing, it has to be shameful...and I happen to love the cheesiness of it all!

So, there you have it. I could go on and on with this list, but I will stop myself at 5 as instructed by the tag. Please comment on your shameful it applies to songs. I don't want to know the sordid details of your love life.


Brooke & Freeland said...

love the songs - but love the commentary even more!! so funny! Miss you friend!

Brooke & Freeland said...

love the songs - but love the commentary even more!! so funny! Miss you friend!

Kori said...

I LOVE THE JESSIE MCARTNEY SONG!!! No stress, no stress, no streees...TURN IT UP!

Randilyn said...

Interesting to know.